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22 Cats is a rock band from Hong Kong, formed in 2002. Their most recent lineup consisted of Por (guitar and vocals), Yin (bass guitar), Kit (guitar and vocals) and Fall (drums). Their first two albums, All The Good People Will Shine (2004) and She Will Eat You (2006) have garnered much critical praise.
To commemorate their 10th anniversary, 22 Cats(S/T), their third and most recent studio album, has been released in August 2012.


LOGO, are ......Christos, Kylie and Wolfe, They emerge from the humidity with a roster of new material, following their landmark CD-'ILLEGAL BRAIN'. They have come a long way since first meeting in a shipwrecked Disco cover band in the late 2000's.From residues of random genres, their songs are crafted narratives from dystopian worlds.
Worlds defined by lifts, airports, vanity and affairs.
Their work has been variously described as "Mall Cosmic' or 'Future Retro'. They are currently behind the 'Lounge Punk' genre......you heard it here first.

Spoken Word Performance from Blair Reeve (NYC) and Joe Holroyd aka mic master upbeat cynic