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3 friends and 6 hands work together in celebration of Te Quiero Mucho's 1st anniversary!

Two culinary masterminds - Chef Alfonso (Te Quiero Mucho) and Chef Asher (FRANCIS) – come together with the award-winning mixologist Jay Khan (COA) to create a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience for our Hong Kong foodies.

The collaborative 4-course menu features fusion creations drawing from the fiery spices of Guadalajara, Mexico and the distinctive, Middle Eastern flavours of Tel Aviv, evoking memories of their childhood spent in their hometowns. The agave spirits expert and the founder of the Mexican cocktail bar COA, Jay Khan will pair 2 delightful artisanal cocktails to elevate the bespoke dining experience.

4-course sharing menu with 3 artisanal cocktails 598 per person

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