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LOGO, After-After-Party and David Boring

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Bands: LOGO, After-After-Party and David Boring
A night with rotating sets from 3 different musical acts, which means you can get a bit of each band throughout the night, with styles ranging from psychedelic rock, comedy punk-rock and noise rock. An alternative way to enjoy a show just like what you do with the vinyl, flip from one side to another every 20 minutes


Logo – Referencie the eastern experience, their songs are a dystopian narrative involving dislocation, airports, affairs and vanity, loves songs saved from the wreckage of musical babel.
An all girl comedy rock’n’roll band that makes you laugh and banging your head at the same time, playing original punk-rock music as loud and fast as possible.
David Boring:
DAVID BORING is the acceptable face of modem morbidity. We don't set of to entertain, instead join us for a complete self-indulgent celebration of inane sufferings.
Welcome to the Withdrawn World of DAVID BORING.
DAVID BORING is: Janice Lau, Sishuo Liu, Stan Chik, Yat Wa Cheng, Jason Cheung