The Aftermath Fringe Festival by Aftermath TV

A series of 8 episodes released each week starting on Jan 29

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The Aftermath Fringe Festival consists of a total of eight 1-hr episodes of cultural entertainment. In collaboration with Comedy HK, Aftermath TV has produced two episodes of stand-up comedy featuring some of Hong Kong's top comedians having a wild time. An absurd game show titled, Questionable Drunks, designed by Seth Waters, one of HK's funniest comedians. Millennial Quiz Nite, which hosts regular pop culture quiz nights at The Aftermath, filmed an interactive virtual quiz. The other four episodes of The Aftermath Fringe Festival are an opportunity to meet incredible HK indie music bands in an interview and hear them perform their music live. Each band is the main subject of their own episode; Shumking Mansion a funky psychedelic rock band, Mr. Koo a blues and surf rock band, Cry!Romeo an 'in your face' alt rock band, and Jonathan Yang an art rock solo project but otherwise a member of Mothgown and David Boring