Agnus Dei Yau Ma Tei

Pseudo-religious Concert

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Serrini is a sui generis singer-songwriter in town who bows to no audience expectations. After her debute in 2012 with an album recorded in her dorm room, she has gained a wide cult following for her wit and creativity. After her sold-out concerts in local livehouses like Hidden Agenda, the Hangout, Fullcup Cafe, and alternative spaces like Easypack Rooftops, bookstores and university lounges, Serrini keeps scouting for local spaces for her own gigs. This autumn, Serrini is throwing a pseudo-religious concert in the freshly opened MOM Livehouse in North Point. "Agnus Dei Yau Ma Tei", or "Crying Holy Mother" as the literal translation of the Chinese title, promises to offer comers absurd religious experiences through the many rituals and auditory enjoyments. In the hyper-capitalized city of Hong Kong, Serrini wants to rediscover enchantments to her life by going for the postmodern spiritual. The event is conducted in Cantonese. There will be a free shisha counter,DJ set by Podo and meditation session before the concert, just sayin'.