Alex Delora

Belly dance superstar from Ukraine Drum Solo Dance

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Alex Delora is professional bellydancer from Ukraine. She is famous by her unique style and strong technique skills, which are well used in her drum solos. She has experience in authentic gypsy style dance as her dance-roots. Thats why you can see special emotional expression. As competitor she was first runner up in International Eilat Festival 2012 in Israel. Now as a teacher she gives workshops worldwide: Korea, China, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Singapore and etc.

Alex Delora in international dancer and teacher in bellydance from Ukraine. The Queen of Drum solos with unique technique skills and understanding of choreographies, soloist if native folklore gypsy group in the past. First runner-up of Eilat Festival in 2012. Guest star in international events in Korea, France, Italy, China, Brazil, Argentina, USA and etc.