Alpine Decline

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Alpine Decline are a two piece rock band buried beneath a hundred feet of snow.

Alpine Decline formed in 2010. Within a year the duo recorded three albums from their self titled debut toVisualizations and Disappearance (with East Los Angeles modular-psych guru M Geddes Gengras), and then promptly moving to China. After landing on the distant outskirts of Beijing, the band recorded Night of the Long Knives with Yang Haisong of the seminal Chinese underground band P.K. 14.

Alpine Decline albums are the kind you listen to compulsively, perhaps even excessively. With blasting guitars and drums, surrounded by drones and a spiderweb of noise, Alpine Decline manage to use shoegaze bliss, pure noise, or straight up rock and roll ornamentally, as a compliment to their songwriting explorations and not as an end in of itself. Whether evoking dizzying high altitude peaks or chaotic dystopian landscapes, Jonathan Zeitlin and Pauline Mu always seem to be writing with such honesty and freedom that the music never feels cold or artificial, but is always close and real.

Their new album GO BIG SHADOW CITY stands out as their most coherent and original album, with everything heightened (or maybe, as the song dictates, deepened). The rock band sounds rawer, the swirling tape loops and atmospheric synths more mythic, the melodies and lyrics more confident in their vision. GO BIG SHADOW CITY 's 11 songs lodge in your skull when consumed individually, or take over your mind completely when consumed together in one big serving of 12" vinyl.

Come and flow with Alpine Decline on Mar 22 at Hidden Agenda!