Summer Vibes with DJ Alton Miller (Detroit)

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Featuring Internationally acclaimed Detroit based Producer DJ Alton Miller!

Detroit-based producer, singer, and percussionist Alton Miller has been playing an instrumental role in defining House Music for over two decades. Alton is one of a remaining few of a rare breed of musicians who have preserved an allegiance and connection to the history and artistry of the art form and its traditions - traditions that Alton himself helped to shape.

Raised on Stevie Wonder, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic and the Philadelphia Sound, Alton’s early roots in soul music led to an affinity for clubbing and the perfect storm of music, dance, and skill that is required to create it. During a frenzied tour of North American clubs in the late 80s, Alton began developing his deejaying skills under the electrifying energy of House Music founding fathers like Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, and Timmy Regisford.

Over the years, Alton has had the opportunity to tour countries all around the world including Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. He has also had the pleasure of recording with some of the best independent labels in the industry, including Defected, Planet E, King Street, Nitegrooves, Trackmode Records, Seasons, and Octave Lab. Alton views every new recording, album and performance as a new opportunity to push his creativity to the limit. He is as passionate about House as he was the day he first heard the music 20 years ago.