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AL Singapore 2016 video:


Amber Lounge the original and world’s most exclusive Grand Prix after party follows the F1 series around the globe. Encompassing the thrill of the only race that offers the chance to go straight from the paddock to party, Amber Lounge delivers an overwhelming non-stop nightlife experience. 


Amber Lounge Singapore 2016 took Singapore by storm, with stunning performances by American songstress Kelis, DJ Ono of Bangkok Invaders and American rapper Big Ali. The F1 fraternity with 14 Formula 1 drivers were joined by legendary footballers Robbie Fowler, Rio Ferdinand and John Barnes. International star Danielle Lloyd was seen beside local VIPs Rebecca Lim, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Zhang Zhen Hua and Singer Jayley Woo. 


Every Formula 1 driver has Amber Lounge on speed dial after a race; it’s the only place to celebrate with friends and team members

Kimi Räikkönen, Scuderia Ferrari F1 Driver



Saturday kicks off with the characteristic Amber Lounge Fashion Show, including an impressive line-up of F1 drivers showcasing exclusive looks alongside a bevy of international models. Every year the dynamic, energetic show attracts worldwide media coverage. Followed by EXTRAVAGANZA non-stop; Club Dancers, Singers, a Saxophonist & Drummer, as well as our surprise International Act performing live to keep the party pumping. 



Amber Lounge’s Sunday closing party is where the Formula One drivers and teams come for post-race celebrations. The most anticipated night of the weekend brings iconic live acts performing their smash hits, whilst DJ’s keep the dance floor rocking until the early hours of the morning. 




Ultimate Package – as the name suggests, this is the most desirable, tailor- made weekend package.

Please enquire for more details*.


Methusalem Tables – Simply THE best tables in the house with dance floor position. Tables receive unrivalled service, with 6L Methusalem bottles of Champagne and 3L Jeroboam bottles of premium Vodka throughout the whole night. 

A personal table waitress, private pavilion on the terrace and chauffeur service within Singapore to complete your unforgettable F1 party experience.  

SGD 31,000 for 8 guests            Extra Table passes: SGD 2,200 per person*


Jeroboam Tables – are perfectly located around the dance floor or surrounded by celebrities and VIPs. Once escorted to the table, you are presented with a 3L Jeroboam bottle of Champagne and unlimited bottle service.

SGD 23,000 for 8 guests            Extra Table passes: SGD 1,740 per person*      


VIP Tables – are well located, served with unlimited bottles of premium Champagne and all other drinks.

SGD 13,900 for 8 guests            Extra Table passes: SGD 1,740 per person*

Shared VIP Table passes - please note we seat up to 8 guests

SGD 1,740 per person   


Classic Tables – are served with unlimited bottle service of house Champagne and all other drinks throughout the whole night. 

SGD 8,000 for 8 guests              Extra Table passes: SGD 1,000 per person* (SAT only)

Shared Classic Table passes - please note we seat up to 8 guests (SAT only) 

SGD 1,000 per person   


Individual Passes – give access to all areas in the club, open bar including Champagne and free seating on the chill-out terrace.

Saturday: SGD   650 per person

Sunday:   SGD 1,200 per person


*Tables seat 8 guests and receive hostess and waitress service. Certain tables can be extended up to a maximum of 10 people, with the purchase of extra table passes.

All Saturday tables & passes include Amber Lounge Fashion.