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EXIL, a stage adaptation of the celebrated novel Ru by Kim Thuy, is directed and choreographed by Linh Rateau, founder of Dancenter in Ho Chi Minh City.


The story recounts Thuy’s experience of uprooting and exile, two extremely current topics. From her childhood in Saigon during the war to her flight with the Boat People and arrival in a small town in Quebec, the story evokes, in waves, a sense of fragmented identity buffeted by the turmoil of history. Combining theater and dance, the stage adaptation is performed by actress Céline Alexandre and dancer Nhung Hong Vo.



The team of EXIL holds hands with <Carnival> to defend the freedom of expression through art and will perform at CHARBON Art Space. Free admission, we welcome cash donations at the door. Proceeds from the play will go to AIHK Human Rights Education Charitable Trust to support local human rights educational programmes.


About <Carnival>
16-26 / 2 / 2017
KONG Art Space 

Curated by Hong Kong-based French curator Caroline Ha Thuc, <Carnival> is Amnesty International Hong Kong’s art project which aims to promote freedom of expression through a series of art and educational activities.


About Linh Rateau

Linh is the co-founder and director of Dancenter, one of the leading contemporary dance studios and companies in Vietnam. In addition to providing workshops and instructional courses for aspiring and professional dancers, Dancenter has produced numerous performances since 2007.


*Special thanks to EXIL venue sponsor: CHARBON Art Space (http://www.charbonartspace.com/)