The Architecture of The City

Architecture Music Theatre

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Mathias Woo x Yu Yat Yiu x KJ Wong X Josie and the Uni Boys

“One cannot make architecture without studying the condition of life in the city.” Aldo Rossi

Inspired by Italian architect Aldo Rossi's book The Architecture of the City, this musical theatre presents a unique Hong Kong style through its stage design.

Awarded the Silver Award of DFA Design for Asia Awards, the installation of the performance is designed by Mathias Woo, using bamboo scaffolding as the main material. It was built by Wing Kei Flower Store which presented a traditional construction technique. Together with recycle material provided by Lau Choi Kee Papers Co as decoration, and the clothing design concept of Lo Sing-chin using urban waste such as paper and aluminum cans, the entire stage and clothing of the performance are made of recyclable resources. This is not only environmentally friendly but also reflects an urban style with Hong Kong characteristics. This year, in addition to KJ Wong's live piano performance, Josie and the Uni Boys will join the team to rock and roll Hong Kong, to improvise our city song with the audiences.

Direction, Script, Stage & Multimedia Design: Mathias Woo
Music Director and Arrangement: Yu Yat-yiu@PMPS
Piano Performance: KJ Wong
Music Performance: Josie and the Uni Boys
Performers: Chang Yao-jen, Albert Tsang, Wu Kun-da, David Yeung
Visual and Graphic Creation: Lai Tat Tat Wing
Costume Design Lo Sing-chin
Photography: Kimhoo So
Graphic Design: Rachel Chak