Art as a Weapon

Human Rights in the World

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Art as a Weapon

Director: Jeffrey Durkin‧2012‧English‧58 mins‧Chinese and English subtitles


Shepard Fairey, the renowned street and stencil artist, also the designer of the well-known street brand Obey Giant, went to a school in Myanmar that teaches street art as a form of non-violent struggle, and shines the light on Buddhism and human rights using spray paint and punk music.   The film chronicles the journey of these young students as they emerge from the darkness of military rule and become an international symbol of revolution.   



Free Screening Schedule

29/9    四 Thu 19:00   WTM  *

13/10   四 Thu 19:30   WECONs *

* 嘉賓將出席映後座談會 Post-screening discussion with guest



Address for free screening in the Community


WECONs | 天經地義生活館

九龍太子道西204號 1 樓

No. 204 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok


WTM | Wontonmeen


135 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon


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