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“Why does Art matter?”


In a city like Hong Kong, where pragmatism and business – even in the art world – is king, we ask “Why does Art matter?”  In a 2-day symposium with a diverse roster of speakers, the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association will ponder questions about why those living in the art world – artists, art students, collectors, patrons and public bodies – do what they do…. and why you should care.


What does Art give us as individuals and as a society that nothing else can?  Why is Art necessary in our lives and in our education?  How can we justify investing so much time and resources to produce and display artistic expressions?  Why do we need Art in our local communities?  Why should the government and the business community care and invest in Art?



Friday, 28 October 2016 PM Session 1



“Alterity and other things. Thinking about Qualities in Contemporary Art”

- David Elliott, Writer, Curator, Museum Director



“Why Art is Important to a Society” (Film)

- Sir David Tang, Writer, Art Collector, Entrepreneur



“Engaging Audiences: Museums, Biennials and Triennials”

- David Elliott, Writer, Curator, Museum Director

- Suhanya Raffel, Executive Director, M+

- Yongwoo Lee, Executive Director, Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Moderator: Elaine Ng, Editor and Publisher, Art Asia Pacific Magazine




Saturday, 29 October 2016 AM Session 2




"Making History: AAA Research on Art Exhibitions in 1980s and 1990s China"

- Anthony Yung, Head of China Research, Asia Art Archive



“Why Artists Matter”

- Charles Guarino, Publisher, Art Forum Magazine in conversation with Samantha Leese



“Bringing a City together around Culture: Why bother?”

- Tisa Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival

- Julien-Loïc Garin, Chief Executive Officer, Le French May Arts Festival & Lumières Hong Kong

- Rachel Rits-Volloch, Founding Director, MOMENTUM

- Hing Chao, Founder, Hong Kong Culture Festival

Moderator: Cherry Chan, PIC, The Mills




Saturday, 29 October 2016 PM Session 3



“Making Great Exhibitions Happen”

- Inti Guerrero, Estrellita B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art, Tate, London; Founding Director of Neptune, Hong Kong

- Venus Lau, Artistic Director, OCAT Shenzen

- Mimi Chun, Director, Blindspot Gallery

Moderator: Vivienne Chow, Independant journalist and Critic; Founding Director, Cultural Journalism Campus




“Collectors and Artists in Conversation”

- Linus Cheung, Art Collector & Former Chief Executive, HongKong Telecom

- William Lim, Art Collector & Founder and Managing Director, CL3 Architects

- Hung Hoi, Artist

Moderator: Catherine Kwai, Director, Kwai Fung Hin Gallery



“Looking to the Future – Art, Innovation, Technology”
Yana Peel, Chief Executive Officer, Serpentine Galleries, London
Jiyoon Lee, Managing Director, The National Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MMCA), Seoul
Takashi Kudo & Kazumasa Nonaka, Art Communication Directors, teamLab, Tokyo
Moderator: Su-Mei Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, The Women’s FoundationFoundation