Ásgeir Streaming Tour: Japan Release

HKT: 12.25 (Fri) 18:00

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Singer-songwriter Asgeir, who has just released his third album in three years in 2020 and is called "Iceland's treasure". Released in his home country in 2012, "Dyro i dauoapogn" is the sold-out fastest in history. Recognized as a sold debut album, he won all four categories including the Icelandic Grammy Awards and the two major Icelandic Music Awards ("Best Album Award" and "Rookie Award"). It set a staggering record of one in ten Icelandic people owning an Asgeir album, surpassing the country's national artists such as Bjork and Sigur Ros. It will be distributed to Japanese fans who were planning to join his biggest Japan tour in November 2020.