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At Home in the World

Director: Andreas Koefoed‧2015‧Arabic, Chechen, Danish‧58mins‧Chinese and English subtitles, accessible captions (in Chinese) available


In a small Danish town where a Red Cross asylum school is located, refugee children from conflicted areas all over the world are united. Some arrived with their parents, while others came alone. At Home in the World is an intimate depiction of the everyday lives of five refugee children in this asylum school. This film was nominated for the Copenhagen International Documentary Film FestivalNordic Dox Award in 2015



Free Screening Schedule

22/9    四 Thu 19:30  HKC * #

23/9    五 Fri   19:30   KUC * #

7/10     五 Fri   19:30   TKW * #

27/10   四 Thu 19:30   WECONs * #

* 嘉賓將出席映後座談會 Post-screening discussion with guest

# 電影提供中文通達字幕 Accessible Captions (in Chinese) Available



Address for free screening in the Community


HKC | 香港公民 | Hong Kong Citizens



The Church of Christ in China Shum Oi Church

80 Woh Chai Street, Shek Kip Mei


KUC | 九龍佑寧堂 | Kowloon Union Church


Fellowship Hall, 4 Jordan Road, Kowloon


TKW | 土瓜灣故事館 (土家) | House of Stories, To Kwa Wan


G/F 16 Hung Fook Street, To Kwa Wan


WECONs | 天經地義生活館

九龍太子道西204號 1 樓

No. 204 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok


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