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ATTACK THE FUKUOKA CASTLE is a fun event for Japanese interested in English and foreigners to learn and solve mysteries about the history of Fukuoka Castle and Kuroda Kanbei. The event is a game which participants must reach the finish line at the castle keep within 100 minutes. Each participant will feel as if they are inside the game and have a very fun experience!

“It’s the end of the warring period, and you are in Fukuoka Castle. Said to have been the smartest generals in the warring period, Kanbei Kuroda and his son Nagamasa, spent 7 years building the castle. Fukuoka Castle has not one been infiltrated by enemies. Why???Because Kanbei Kuroda was the expert builder who helped lead Hideyoshi Toyotomi unite Japan. Why is it that Fukuoka Castle has no tower keep? There may have very well been one. The answer lies within the many legends and evidence found in the soil and rocks, as well as curious codes left in the corner towers. The answer is hidden within the clever strategy of Kanbei Kuroda.

You are a Ninja sent to infiltrate Fukuoka Castle.
You are allowed 100 minutes...
Can you win against the Expert of Fortifications, Kanbei Kuroda, and infiltrate the castle?”

9th Aug 2015 / 4pm to 6pm (Reception from 3:30pm)
Rain or shine

Fukuoka Castle Ruin (Fukuoka Jyonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 810-0043 Fukuoka)

Fukuoka Castle Ruin Mukashi Tanboukan (1-4 Fukuoka Jyonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 810-0043 Fukuoka)

Ticket Fee: JPY¥1200

The Number of Participants: 100 people

Tel: 092−716−8238(Japanese),



Organised by
Tourism Strategy Executive Committee of the Fukuoka Castle & Kourokan

Cosponsors by
Genki Japanese and Culture School

ReVibe Limited