Back to NOT Normal feat. John Travoltron, Club Fiasco, Noise Control, Rokkasen

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The Pig Rat Collective welcomes you to a night of strange, interesting, challenging, and amusing sounds. This eclectic lineup includes four fun and eccentric acts performing all original music with the mission of ushering new energy and talent into a fractured post-pandemic music scene. It’s time to get back to NOT normal. Follow @pigrathk on IG for details leading up to the event. TICKET INCLUDES 1 FREE DRINK

Band Descriptions:

John Travoltron’s mission is to make you laugh, dance, scream, and question all of your life choices during every minute of their set. Equally inspired by math-rock, punk, prog, pop, jazz and grindcore, they wrap experimental rock in a cute little package that anyone can enjoy.

The Rokkasen is the coming together of three “uncles” in Hong Kong’s Punk Rock, Hardcore and Metal scenes. Initially the project aimed to explore traditional Chinese poetry alongside a potent mix of darkened Hardcore Punk, Death Metal and Sludge.

Noise Control capitalizes on breakneck instrumental improvisations over booty shaking electronica-based grooves as means of stirring and awakening the primal parts of our souls which lie dormant within all of us.

Club Fiasco is an electronica music collaboration created by Jolly Gloomy and Kenneth Tsang. Both of them are influenced by the music from 70s to 90s, which create the musical foundation with a mixture of 70s disco funk, 80s electronic techno, and 90s Brit rock.

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