Badboys Screaming Night

The Night That Full Of Girls' Fantasy

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Every girl loves a Badboy…will you join us for the incredible night of sexiness, giggles, and crowd interaction that is specifically designed to make every lady feel special and indulge their senses?

Come to the uncommon male strip shows that brought by Badboys Australia, which is undeniably one of Australia’s most successful and famous Male revues. Having traveled extensively through the US, Canada, Asia, and of course Australia, Badboys have become more than just a household name in the ladies entertainment industry.

Let's take a moment for YOU with your closest friends, waiting for the magic that’s about to unfold right before your eyes. As the music builds, so does your excitement whilst the lights are stimulating and there’s smoke drifting on the stage and you are nervously waiting for our Badboys to enter the stage, #GDFR It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

Say YESssss, and be naughty.

#dance #ladiesnight #strip


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- Only aged 18 or above are allowed to join this party. 只准年滿18歲或以上人仕進場。
- A valid photo ID is required to prove age 18 or above as of the party day. 門票持有者必需於進場時出示有效及附有照片的身份證明文件,以茲證明活動當日年滿18歲。
- Bags or other personal belongings are subjected to security check for the admittance. 手提袋及其他物品需在入場時接受保安檢查。
- No Smoking is allowed inside the Venue. 場地禁止吸煙。
- No illegal or immoral behabior is allowed inside the Venue. 場地內不允許違法或不道德的行為。