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Brahm's German Requiem & Vanissa Law's On Beauty

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[31 OCT 2022] As the community takes its first tentative steps in our emergence from almost three years of global pandemic, The Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra celebrates the myriad beauties of the world we inhabit, even as it mourns those whom we’ve lost.

On 28 November 2022 (Monday), at 8:00 pm at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, The Hong Kong Bach Choir & Orchestra performs Johannes Brahms’ German Requiem, the great composer’s secular elegy to both his mother and his mentor, Robert Schumann. Over the years this magnificent work has consoled generations of people suffering from individual and collective bereavement.

Brahms’ Requiem will be preceded by the world première performance of Hong Kong composer Vanissa Law’s On Beauty, a setting of texts from Khalil Gibran’s beloved collection of mystical prose-poetry, The Prophet, one of the most translated books ever written.

The two works are united by their rejection of sectarian difference and their embrace of universality. Brahms wrote that he would have preferred to call his Requiem not “German” but “of Mankind;” while Gibran, born a Maronite Christian in Lebanon, was influenced not only by the religion of his birth but also by Sufi Islam and the Bahá’i faith. The two works teach us to cherish not only the physical world around us, but especially those whom we love.

Soloists in the Brahms are soprano Jessica Ng and baritone Caleb Woo. The entire performance will be conducted by music director Jerome Hoberman.

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