Family Biofeedback Assessment

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Children’s emotional and behavioral problems are often a reflection of family
dynamics. However, most child psychological assessments focus only on the
child without considering the family context. When assessing a child in the family
context, the outcomes can be very different.

The Family Biofeedback Assessment was developed by Dr. Wai-Yung Lee and
her clinical team at the Asian Academy of Family Therapy (AAFT). This
innovative assessment and treatment approach measures children’s
physiological responses, helping parents gain a new understanding of their
child’s physical and mental health conditions as well as eliciting the child’s voice.
This approach has gained recognition internationally. Dr. Lee was awarded the
“Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy Theory and Practice Award” by
American Family Therapy Academy in 2014.

In this presentation, the presenters will use video segments to introduce the
protocol and share their experiences administering this assessment.


Viviana Cheng, Psy.D., is Research Associate at AAFT. She has been involved

in the design and setting up of the Family Biofeedback Assessment at AAFT and

has been part of the AAFT research team for the past 10 years. She has been

involved in major research projects at the Academy and has co-authored

important papers with Dr. Wai-Yung Lee.


Elaine Fong, M.Soc.Sc., is Assistant Clinical Director and Family Therapist at

AAFT. She has worked in the field of marriage and family therapy for the past

eight years and has been involved in core projects at AAFT, with a specific focus

on divorce, children and adolescent issues.