Brahms - Ein deutsches Requiem

...the most humane requiem ever

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As Brahms’s longest piece, the German Requiem is a piece which consoles all people. Without elaborate liturgies and teachings, it is an earnest plea for divine deliverance.

This emancipates the Requiem and makes it speak directly to weary souls. In all seven movements, the texts start from our deprivations to the final sacred embrace and blessings. However feeble and weak one may be, the heavenly dwelling lies in the heart from our lifelong quest. The idea culminates in the fourth movement, residing in the middle of the piece and surrounded by the other six movements, with each of them professing Brahms’s mastery in harmonic richness and instrumental beauty.

With the music enlightened by our marvellous pianists Nancy Loo and Raymond Young, soloists Rachel Kwok and Alan Tsang, who all serve our city with great music over the years, and conductor Christopher Cheng, let us grasp some serenity and peace to prepare ourselves for the days ahead.

Please come and join us to embrace lives in the most humane way.