Siberian Night in Hong Kong!

Russian Bugotak musical project first concert in Hong Kong!

Event Closed

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Bugotak (Cyrillic: Буготак), a progressive world project from Novosibirsk, Russia, was founded in 2004 by Sayan Andriyanov, a multi-instrument player and throat singing performer.

Bugotak plays Siberian music with a traditional folk basis, but their musical references are too diverse to be classified by genre (let’s call it Siberian Contemporary music).  They even dare to perform covers of rock classics, using their traditional Siberian instruments.  The main idea of Bugotak’s art is that only traditions that develop over time will stay alive; static traditions quickly lose their appeal and relevance.  So the group plays in many styles and genres, keeping the native Siberian spirit alive, relevant and thriving.

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