BUSHIROAST IV - Roast Battle Tournament

Battle Without Honor or Humanity

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Hong Kong’s top comedians and bottom comedians battle it out with funny insults and personal attacks about each others’ craft, appearance, and private lives! Witness the most significant event to ever happen on June 4 in history as the newest Comedy.HK BUSHIROAST Champion is crowned, live only at the Aftermath Bar!

Hosted by Tamby Chan (Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World Contest), this battle without honor or humanity will be judged by the esteemed Henrik Redbeard, the honorable Jasmine Gould, and the human douchebag Garron Chiu!

Featuring Seth Waters (Winner of BUSHIROAST 3), Ailee Slater (Winner of BUSHIROAST 2), Ben Quinlan (Comedy Central Asia), and five other comedians with no credits whatsoever! 

#roast #comedy #insults #hurtfeelings #brokenfriendships