CAREER SUICIDE - Asia Tour 2016 - Hong Kong

Support from: CHARMCHARMCHU 慘慘豬 & WEEPER

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Career Suicide (Canada)
Formed in 2001 by vocalist Martin Farkas and guitarist Jonah Falco (who splits his time as drummer of Polaris Prize winner’s Fucked Up) Career suicide have been ripping out hardcore punk rock in its purest form since.

Disgracing the covers of Maximum RocknRoll, Kerrang! and DOLL magazines, and completing several North American, European and Japanese tours over the years - finally Career Suicide are bringing their relentless punk rock attack to South East Asia.

慘慘豬 CharmCharmChu (Hong Kong)
慘慘豬是一隊香港的鞭擊金屬樂隊,音樂融入網絡熱話、唐詩及牛鈴,以創造獨一無二的廣東話鞭擊體驗。人生得意需盡歡 莫使cowbell 空對月!

CharmCharmChu (AKA poor piggy) is a Hong Kong Thrash Metal band. Blending internet memes, Chinese poem, and outrageous cowbell to create a unique Cantonese thrash metal experience. Cherish every moment in your life and leave no empty cowbell at any time.

Weeper (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong post-hardcore. An uncompromising down-tuned assault mixing elements of hardcore, punk rock and metal to build a wall of crusty, bearded sound.