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Carsick Cars name their album by the Arabian number “3”, not just for the literal simplicity; for them, “3” is the most appropriate expression: the three-piece recorded their third full-length album in March.

Recognized as the one of the best noise/experimental rock bands, Carsick Cars continue to explore the possibility in the structures and textures of classical rock music. Sometimes blasting, sometimes crystal-clear, the band retains its grace at the rough edge of their brutal guitar riffs. Their simplistic bassline creates a full vital body to their music, along with the fierce and intricate drum and gong, their rhythm section completes the three-piece to unify pleasing sound with their pioneering spirit. The core of their third album “3” sustains the band’s way of observing society with their sharp vision to call for self-awakening in the absurdity of real life. Their songs go: “You in the tube, watching people drive into the dark, and you decide to go forward, to breath this air to capture you”—Wei Chen圍城(Fortress Besieged); “When the weeds are lightened by the wise, the brave follows the flame, the world is no longer your imagination, not a severed fantasy— Ye Ciao野草(The Weed).

“3” was recorded in New York when the two extreme core personalities of the band— guitarist Spacemen 3 and keyboard Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) collaborated with Hamish Kilgour, the drummer of The Clean. The main visual was done by a young artist Kwok Hung Wai郭鴻蔚, and the overall design was executed by Jian Pang詹盼(The Gar). The clash between the two artists will push Carsick Cars’ new album to another dimension that goes beyond the visual.