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Caspian (MA)
Caspian is a rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts, a seaside town 20 minutes north of Boston. Nobody sings. Most of the time we play heavy, other times quite soft. We always try to play with heart. So far we have recorded three albums. The process is always evolving - Thanks for exploring it with us.

Official Website:
Official Facebook page:

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Smoke In Half Note (HK)
2012- Summer, two guitarists were discussing the style of their music. From Pop to Metal, Metal to Jazz. No more Surprised.

He said why don't we make something new.
I said forget about the genre, only count on our imagination.

2014- Spring, the drummer and bassist joined and it's where SIHN started to share the way of how they look at the world through their music.

Smoke In Half Note

Official Facebook page:
Official YouTube Channel:
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Five wierdos got together in 2012 winter. In the very beginning of this band, there were only three people and they were Wang on bass, Wai on drums and Andy on guitar. Wang and Wai are brothers; and they are also the founder of the whole band. They were trying hard to find a one more person to join. At last, Andy found Kim, who was his classmate, to join the group. Sky joined as a guitarist at last. Although we have different musical sense and backgrounds, we get along well and we tend to create dreamy music together.

That's how we began.

New wave, Dream pop, Synth pop, Shoegaze, Ambience, Alternative etc. That's how we sounds like.

We could't find a best word to describe our music. We try to combine a lot of components while we all have different interest.Official Facebook page: