Colour EXPerience Workshop

Café Sketching – What’s in My Brew?

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Instructor: Ben Luk

August 26, 2017/ Saturday

12:30 - 3:30 pm


Colour EXP is pleased to present a new workshop “Café Sketching – What’s in My Brew?” with Mr. Ben Luk. The 3-hour workshop is suitable for sketchers (age 15 or above) venturing into café sketching and the workshop will cover the followings:

  • To build on basic watercolour techniques such as colour mixing, use of complimentary colours, basic wet and dry techniques in the context of café sketching
  • Instructor will share tips and tricks to help you EXPlore and maximize the use of your own tools
  • To EXPeriment with different painting media to achieve various textures.



Participants are required to bring their own drawing and painting materials such as sketchbook, pens and pencils, colour pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolour, paint brushes and whatever else you usually use. (Or you can purchase materials at Colour EXP before class starts. Workshop participants are offered 10% off purchase from Colour EXP on the workshop date.)

Fee includes a set lunch of your choice from our cafe which also serves as your object for practice in class.


《 About the instructor》

Ben is a core member of Urban Sketchers Hong Kong. His artwork draws inspiration from the urban environment, including architecture, streetscape, people and their everyday lives. From the banal to the extraordinary, he sees and record the world with his on-location sketches.

Facebook & IG: Sketcher Ben