Colour EXPerience Workshop - Painting My Pet in Watercolour

Basic Watercolour Workshop

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Nov 18, 2017 / Saturday
2:00 - 5:00 pm
We are delighted to have invited Emily, founder of Em’s Pet Project, to be the instructor for this workshop where you can create a watercolour portrait of your own pet!

The workshop is suitable for beginners 15 years of age and older and will be conducted in Cantonese. The 3-hour workshop includes the following:

  • Introduce various types of perspective to draw animals
  • Share tips on watercolour mixing to create light and shadow
  • Hands-on session to quickly draft your painting, with the following watercolour techniques:
       - Various ways to mask
       - Basic watercolour technique: wet on dry and wet on wet

Fee includes all materials needed for the workshop (watercolour, watercolour paper, and brushes), and a drink of your choice from our café.

**Please bring along an A4 size printed image of an animal you wish to paint. Your painting will be based on this reference picture at 1:1 scale and it can be your pet or an animal of your choice. There should be only 1 animal in the image for best results. Please also bring along your own drafting tools such as pencil and eraser.**

Each participant will complete an A4 size watercolour painting by the end of the workshop.
《About the instructor》
Emily Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. She obtained Master of Arts (Contemporary Studio Art and Criticism in education) from The Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2013, and Bachelor of Arts (Painting) from RMIT in 2012. She was an art director for theme paint team in a theme park in Hong Kong. She is now a freelancer for art and art education, working with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to organize different types of arts activities.

《About Em's Pet Project》
The project ( was founded by Emily where she combines her passion for art with her love for animals. It started with drawing watercolour portraits for the animals that are up for adoption at LAP ( to attract attention of potential adopters. Part of the proceeds from this project goes to animal shelters in Hong Kong.