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Sketching 101 - Convincing Perspective

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Instructor:Gary Yeung
September 23, 2017/ Saturday
2:30 - 5:30 pm
Colour EXP is honored to offer a new sketching workshop with the co-founder of Urban Sketchers Hon Kong, Mr. Gary Yeung, a very active urban sketcher and artist.
Some of you may find it a daunting task to sketch the urban landscapes in a convincing way. Oftentimes when we put elements of a city scene together, they just do not quite fit together to form a coherent dimension. In this workshop, Gary will show you how to construct a convincing live sketch using basic perspective techniques so that elements can all be tied together coherently.

The 3 hour workshop will be conducted in Cantonese supplemented with English, is suitable for beginners 15 years of age and above, and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to various types of perspective for sketching
  • Technique - guided exercises to practice one point perspective
  • Technique - simple shading with waterccolour
  • Practice - freehand live sketch exercise

Fee includes a Copic Multiliner, all materials needed for the workshop, and a drink of your choice from our café.
Please bring along simple drafting tools such as pencils and eraser.
《About the instructor》
Gary Yeung is an Urban Sketcher, a co-founder of Urban Sketchers Hong Kong. He’s also a studio artist who visits and documents places which either are at risk of or have been protected from Hong Kong’s redevelopment projects. His sketches and studio works exemplify the mystic charm of Hong Kong’s past, present and future. Drawn with vivid and intricate details, they feature objects and people that Gary finds relevant, if not profound.


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