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CharmCharmChu (AKA poor piggy) is a Hong Kong Thrash Metal band. Blending internet memes, Chinese poem, and outrageous cowbell to create a unique Cantonese thrash metal experience. Cherish every moment in your life and leave no empty cowbell at any time.

●●●●●● ●●●●●● ●●●●●● ●●●●●●

Xie Jia is one of the first Cantonese Black Death Metal / Extreme Metal bands in Hong Kong, originally formed in 2002 under the name Dark Vampire. Dark Vampire was formed by vocalist Vamp, drummer Jason and lead guitarist. Together, they helped establish the Hong Kong metal community in the early 2000s and organized extreme metal shows around Hong Kong.

Due to major lineup changes, Dark Vampire changed their style to symphonic black metal and was renamed as Orthon with new vocalist Murk and existing members Jason and [the lead guitarist] in 2006. Orthon released their first album Transmigrate in 2010, which the featured song Unholy Silence – a collaboration with female vocalist “Bird” from the Hong Kong gothic band Whipping Rose. Orthon was disbanded later due to member changes.

In 2011, Jason and Vamp (on guitar) reformed the band as Xie Jia, with bassist Massacre. A year later, Murk rejoined the band together with rhythm guitarist Vincent, originally a student of [Dark Vampire lead guitarist]. A music video was produced with Korean director Elliot Seo for their new arrangement of the Dark Vampire song Eight Route Army. Xie Jia performed at the 2012 New Year’s Eve event Tokyo Dark Fest in Japan, with Ethereal Sin, Myproof, Crucified, Gyze, APOROGIST from Japan, and Midian from Korea.

Xie Jia focused 2013 on the Guangdong and Pearl River Delta areas in China. The band entered the semi-final MIDI Festival in Shenzhen and performed as a supporting band for Anthelion from Taiwan and Ne Obliviscaris from Australia. The band also played in various metal shows organized by Hilltop Music and Konglan Music.

In 2014, Xie Jia began writing and recording their first album, Murk left the band shortly afterwards and Vamp took over vocalist duties again. 2015 saw guitarist Marco from Macau joined Xie Jia. They performed as a supporting act for Noctem from Spain and symphonic black metal band Carach Angren from Netherlands. Guzheng player Zhou Chang from Soochow University was featured on the new song Kings of Hell. Marco left Xie Jia in March 2016. The band also performed with Cvinger from Slovenia in Dongguan.

On 5th April, Xie Jia announced their first debut album Orders of The King, which was strongly influence by the stories of ancient Chinese wars, myths and history. A promotional tour and the next album are currently underway.