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This is this time of the year again when we get all the music lovers, partners, long-time friends and party goers from all Asia together in one place!
Cliché has had an intense year. They've been to Berlin no less than 14 times, they've discovered new way to listen music, new way to make music and to experience it. They’ve met amazing people all throughout the year who guided us in a very different musical path and it’s time for Cliché to share with you these experiences.It is also an occasion on which to celebrate the fact that they are already 4 years old with new exciting projects on the way!

For that Cliché has invited artists that summarise very well where their artist sense are leaning toward to: Berlin for his versatility, it’s social freedom and exuberance, and Chicago with all its history and it’s roughness.

We are happy to welcome:

- DJ Rahaan (Chicago) - Stillove4music

Rahaan has been dropping disco and funky house beats to retro music heads since the 80’s when he and his friends use to dance at the best house parties in Chicago – Rahaan’s home state and most importantly, the place which gave birth to House music.The thing about Rahaan is that he defiantly knows his art, and it is his outstanding skill behind the decks that has brought him from the Chicago underground circuit out onto the international playing field of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, throughout America.In between touring Rahaan is busy producing soulful disco and house music for Australian singer Christine Eva and Atlanta based singer/songwriter Ozara Ode’.It is fair to say that Rahaan is well and truly on his way to accomplishing bigger and better things for the year ahead.

Teaser: Rahaan Dekmantel Boiler Room:

- nd_baumecker (Berlin) - Claqueur Records

ND started Djing in 1991 in Germany and moved to Berlin in 2004. He is now DJ resident and in charge of bookings at Panorama Bar, the famous second floor of the Berghain Club in Berlin.
Stylistically, ND never limited himself to only one sub genre. Instead, he constantly looked out for new ways of expressing himself. A well known ballet choreographer once said: ‚Surprise is important.’ I think this approach fits my style best. I’m oscillating between Disco, House, Techno, Electro, Minimal and Maximal. I’m always open to anything between the brute and the tender. The dance floor is a field for experiments. If you manage to get the crowd, you can almost do anything with them.“ Even more so, if it’s as well presented as by ND. His mixing is among the best you will ever hear in a club and brings together completely different tracks in a surprisingly conclusive way.

Teaser: ND Boiler Room Berlin: