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Dance Concept (7/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wanchai Rd) : https://www.google.com.hk/maps?biw=1910&bih=853&q=7/F,+Great+Smart+Tower,+230+Wanchai+Rd&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwitw5_-48TLAhXLKJQKHV0mB1cQ_AUIBygB

Danzstage (): https://www.google.com.hk/maps/place/DanzStage+Dance+Studio/@22.286647,114.191729,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xc226bfffec409cb8?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwifw8bQ48TLAhWBUZQKHZJBDDgQ_BIIYzAN


Cristian Petitto was born in Argentina. He is a Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has lived since 2010 in London, and has partnered with Nayla Vacca. Together they found a school and held group lessons at various locations in the UK including Imperial College, Notting Hill Art Centre, the Troubadour Gallery, Milonga 8, The Dome, Tango Terra, Carablanca, Pavadita, Tango South London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London; Milonga Pasional by Tangueando Net in Cambridge; Milonga Caminito in Oxford; Reading Tango Club in Reading; Tango Ffs in Fleet; and, Kijutango in Brighton.

Cristian has also taught in Italy, including Tango holidays organised in Venice, Toscana and Umbria; Milonga della Gioia in Catania; and, Tango Querido in Messina.
More recently, he was teaching in Buenos Aires at Milonga Oliverio Girondo.

Cristian has performed on stage, in privates tango shows and milongas in the UK, Italy, Buenos Aires, Denmark, and China and appears in the music videos for DJ Shadow's 'Listen' and Nicola Benedetti's 'Por una cabeza'. His dancing partners were Laura De Altube, Nayla Vacca and Paula Aris with whom he danced from 2010 to 2015.

Cristian has taken lessons with several renowned teachers such as Carlos and Rosa Perez, Julio Balmaceda, Pablo Veron, Gabriel Angio, Gloria y Eduardo, Rivarola, Milena Plebs, Los Velis, Fabian Salas, Raul Bravo, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes. Cristian has participated in espacio nacional de tango argentino (ENTA), an educational and cultural program for professional tango dancers, in order to deepen his understanding and knowledge of Tango.

Cristian is also a master in Taekwon-do, he has taught children and adults from a beginner level to an advanced level for 11 years. Cristian's background in martial arts gives him a unique awareness of body movement and energy dynamics in space and time. Cristian uses this background knowledge in his teaching of Tango to enable his students to develop an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of their own body movement. His classes are based on developing fundamental skills through individual and partner exercises. With practice and patience, he believes anyone can dance Tango.

Hong Kong tangeuros met him the first time when he was performing at the Tango Show - The song of Eva Peron at the HK Cultural Centre Grand Theatre from 16- 18 November 2015 under the programme of world festival.gov.hk. 

The ticket for each workshop is not for a Tango Show but a Tango Lesson.
Each individual class has a new and different topic.
Every lesson helps the student to improve herself or himself the knowledge of Tango.
If you take consecutive lessons on different days of the week,  you are not only building up your techniques but at the same time gaining a better understanding of the structure of the dance. You will become also a better Tango dancer after finishing all the workshops!