CWS City Challenge

6th edition

Event Closed

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City Challenge is an exciting fun packed afternoon! Get together with friends, family and colleagues to form a team and join the fun!

The 3 hour challenge takes teams through an 12 km course (teams do not have to cover the entire course) consisting of 30 check points, each with its unique challenge. When arriving at a checkpoint each team will have to either answer a question, complete a physical challenge or take a fun team photo. At the end, points are awarded for each successful challenge and the team with the highest points wins. Teams do not need to cover all checkpoints and teams do not win by finishing first!

This is about having fun, getting to know the real Hong Kong, navigating our amazing streets, exploring our historical past and doing things as a team!

This event supports CWS' efforts to improve the livelihood of underprivileged children, young people and their families in Nepal. 20% of net proceeds will go towards Gurkha Cemeteries Trust offering Online High School Diploma Scholarships to Nepalese youth in Hong Kong.

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