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Electric Wonderland

Feat Swedish EDM Superstar duo - DADA LIFE

Thursday, November 19 | 週四,11月19日

1st ever debut show in Hong Kong! 

DADA LIFE 是歐美當代DJ指標人物,經常受邀於眾多大型音樂節 (Ultra 邁阿密, EDC 拉斯維加斯, Tomorrowland 比利時, TomorrowWorld 美國, Coachella 加利福尼亞州, Dada Land 全球範圍內)。憑著優異刷碟技巧和創作實力,的強烈個人風格總定能帶給樂迷們超乎想像的派對體驗! 預計山野情趣,和許多香蕉!


Swedish EDM Superstars DADA LIFE have taken the world of electronic music by storm, and show no signs of slowing down! They have performed at the hottest festivals in the World, Ultra - Miami, EDC - Vegas, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and their own, Dada Land! Expect wild fun at a whole new level, lots of bananas and the unique Dada experience! This is clearly one show not-to-be missed!



World Top #24 DJs - 2012/13

World Top #35 DJs - 2013/14



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