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DaggFest is the 2017 edition of Hong Kongs iconic celebration of mateship - established in 2003 as BoganFest and morphing into BroFest. DaggFest aspires to celebrate the spirit Fred Dagg - who passed away in April 2017. 

"Fred Dagg is a fictional character from New Zealand created and acted on stage, film and television by satirist John Clarke. Clarke graced New Zealand TV screens as Dagg during the mid to late 1970s, "taking the piss" out of the post-pioneering Kiwi bloke and "blokesses". The Fred Dagg character is a stereotypical farmer and New Zealand bloke: clad in a black singlet and gumboots, hailing from the isolated rural town of Taihape, and attended by numerous associates (or sons) all named "Trev". There wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved by a good "Kick her in the guys Trev". (Wikipedia)

DaggFest is a full day event hosted by the Valley Mens Rugby Section, on 18th November, and is open to all blokes.

Yes, there will be a hangi, there will be a rural feel about it, there will be foolish team events and there will be the Bledisloe Cup at 6pm from Sydney. But most of all, it'll be a day with ya mates in one of Hong Kong's most beautiful spots near the beach.

The price will be $400, all in. This is a non-profit event.