Teaching Executive Functioning Skills to Students with Dyslexia

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Teaching Executive Functioning Skills to Students with Dyslexia:
Students with dyslexia not only struggle with literacy, they tend to also struggle with developing executive functioning skills, such as organisation and planning. This workshop will first offer an overview of the executive functioning skill issues that students with dyslexia commonly face. Then the presentation will cover some of the most useful interventions to promote executive functioning skills development in the home and in the classroom specifically designed for students with dyslexia. The workshop participants will leave with a range of tools and practices that they can begin using right away. In addition, they will have an opportunity to ask questions specific to the children and teenagers with whom they work.

Interventions covered:
Self-monitoring with contingency plans, alarms
Time management with chunking and time logs
Planning using visualisation techniques
Meta-cognitive questioning, self-talk in the classroom and at home.

Rick Smith:
Rick Smith has 15 years of teaching experience across three countries. He has trained with Harvard Graduate School of Education, and holds a B.Ed, M.Ed., Post-Grad. Dip of Ed. and an Ed.D (ABD). He currently works at Southside Health on the Child Development Team and specializes in teaching executive functioning skills to students who have specific learning needs, including those who are gifted or highly talented.