Dark Paradise Records : Label Night HK 2018

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Dark Paradise Records : Label Night HK 2018

On their fifth year, Dark Paradise Records dedicates their debut label night in HK.

Dark Paradise Records, an independent record label devotes to excavate talent-young artists and turns experimental, bold and distinct electronic sounds into viral mix that’s both “impressive and remarkable”. In recent years, they swept electronic music prizes of Golden Indie Music Awards, the biggest event for independent music in Taiwan . Dark Paradise Records immerse themselves developing Taiwanese electronic music scene and reaching out to talents around the world .

Head to 2018, Dark Paradise Records just announced their first oversea label night will be held in HK. An epic event featuring MATELIN, Dizparity, Ruby Fatale, Waves of Doppler and special guest Sophy(HK) in one night. There’s no limit to this night’s ambition, just marinate your body and soul in the beats with us, and you’re going to figure it out.

◢Dark Paradise Records


Dark Paradise Records is an independent record label based in Taipei, founded by Huang Shao-Yong in 2013 , focusing on electronic music amongst other styles of music. . The label's current roster includes : MATELIN, Dizparity, Ruby Fatale, Waves of Doppler, and LUPA. As well as releasing records, Dark Paradise Records throws parties and host podcasts.


A soulful indie electronic outfit that incorporates downtempo, trip-hop, jazz and dance-pop influences.

The artists of electronica music from Taipei known as MATELIN was formed in 2012.Their sound is soft, yet complex, profound, yet delicate. Much of their crystalline sound is derived from the endlessly pretty, subtle, almost whispering voice of female lead singer Asha. The other member is synthesizer/music producer Huang Shao-Yong , and guitarist Lin Yi-Chi.

Also deserving much credit is their artistic liaison, Mina Shin, who creates fabulous, minimalistic visual art for their music that illustrates the tales and topics dealt with the songs. Their debut album "Animals in the room" was released in 2015.

◢Ruby Fatale

Experimental glitch producer who pursued a dark, gritty style with influences from stoner and doom music. Drenched in the unique atmosphere of stoner/doom/glitch music and the violent aesthetics, Ruby always grabs idea from literature, geometric figures and her own experiences. She also concretizes ideas, desires, pieces of memory to dedicate sound particles which are content in specified frequent, and put the particles into her music randomly. She likes to tell a story with an industrial and cold sound, creating a anxious atmosphere. Incidentally, put some beautiful sounds from instruments in the cold, harsh background. Ruby always arranges her set dramatically to lead audiences passing through dynamic/static situation and ancient/modern ages.


Atmospheric dance music DJ/producer with strong influences from drum & bass, deep house and UK bass music. The alias of Taipei-based electronic musician and producer, Po Cheng Yeh, Dizparity makes atmospheric dance music inspired by U.K. bass music and live jazz music. Dizparity coproduced an abstract ambience single ‘Agola’ with British-based artist Mira Calix ; included in The Roundhouse Rising Sounds 2016 compilation album.In 2016, his single. ‘Wick’ from his first EP “Disparity”, was nominated by the Gold Indie Music Awards for best electronic single. His second EP “Faintish Cycle” was released in the same year.