Den Of Thieves

Aurora Theatre presents its new theatre production

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Aurora Theatre Hong Kong is an independent theatre company that aims to promote English-language shows in the local Hong Kong art scene. Founded by theatre performer and producer Nicole Garbellini in 2010, the company has been very active since then, and has brought shows like Glengarry Glen Ross (2011), Coffee and Cigarettes (2011), Talking With (2012), Champagne and Cigarettes (2012), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Duetto and Bittergirl (2013).

Our Mission:

Aurora Theatre aims to attract different people, both familiar and unfamiliar with the local English theatre scene, and introduce them to the various shows presented by us in order to create a solid, valid, creative and professional art scene in Hong Kong. Aurora Theatre aims to give opportunities to those individuals who are passionate about theatre, helping them to stimulate and nurture ideas and creativity as far as performing and directing are concerned. Aurora Theatre welcomes every background, ethnicity and dialect. As we usually say, the more the variety, the better!

Den Of Thieves-

Maggie is a newly single, junk food binging shoplifter looking to change her life and her self-hating ways. Paul is her passionately convicted, formerly four hundred-pound compulsive over-eating sponsor in a twelve-step program for recovering thieves. Maggie's jealous ex-boyfriend is a charismatic wannabe Puerto Rican small-time thief of uncertain ancestry named Flaco who spins a grammatically challenged but persuasive yarn about seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in an unprotected drug money sitting in a safe in a downtown disco guarded by an easily distracted crackhead. It's dubious and ragtag would-be criminal crew is rounded out by Flaco's new girlfriend, the fabulous Boochie- a malaprop singing topless dancer who refuses to let her troubled childhood or her third-grade reading level stand in the way of her inevitable path to fame, fortune and fur. When things don't quite go according to the plan, this bickering quartet of hapless thieves finds themselves at the mercy of Louie "Little Tuna", a reluctant, doughnut ingestingheir to the criminal empire run by his father- "The Big Tuna"- who has left him in charge for the weekend. The penalty for stealing from the Tuna is death- "Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom". But Louie offers them a break:" I need one body and three thumbs, you can choose the who, whys, and therefore among yourselves." Tied to chairs and able to move their mouths, they must now fight for their lives by out-arguing each other as to deserve to live. Verbal gymnastics and the struggle for self-awareness, self acceptance and self love produce a high-octane battle for survival that's not resolved until the last doughnut falls.

".....unfolds with crackling comic propulsion and a screwball sweetness as unexpected as it is welcome.....thoroughly impressive...." The Los Angeles Times