Design for the Society - Universal Design Seminar 2016

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Are we designers ready to answer the call? 
In Hong Kong design education has been well developed and has nurtured design talents for four decades. Over the years, the majority of well-trained designers works in commercial sectors and is mainly engaged in designing and developing consumer products and services. In view of the situation that demand for design jobs has been shrinking owing to the relocation of industries, this is the moment for HK designers to rethink their positioning and explore into other areas of career development. With raising social issue awareness as the starting point, this project aims to help HK designers to widen their scope of vision beyond commercial design practices. It also promotes the understanding of the role of design application in formulating innovative strategies and plans to relating local parties.
Let’s look at the example of IDEO, a world renowned design and consulting firm, who provides an open platform - OpenIDEO ( to gather ideas globally to find design solutions for the world's most challenging projects, such as designing simple process and tools to build bricks in South Africa, water and sanitation challenge in India, exploring open innovation… (Please visit to view more). As different places have their own unique environment and lifestyle, it is most advantageous for Hong Kong designers to design for local users who can communicate more directly and have a shared culture. And collaboration with professionals in rehabilitation, healthcare, elderly care and chronic care would be a desirable direction for HK designers to find the way to answer the imminent need of an ageing society.