DESKARATS, Asian SKA Tour 2013

2Tone Ska from Catalonia, in Hong Kong

Event Closed

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After 13 years on the stage, Deskarats have solidified their position as one of the best ska groups on the Catalan scene, if not worldwide. The last decade has been eventful indeed, with changes in the line-up, the release of four albums, collaborations, tours all over Spain and in Europe and China… experiences that have forged this group of 8 musicians from the Catalonian town of Amer into a tight-knit ensemble.

A turning point in their career was the recording of their sophomore release, DKS (2006), which was produced by Rob “Bucket” Hingley, leader of the legendary New York band the Toasters. This connection led to the opportunity to tour as a supporting act for the Toasters, who are musical reference for everyone in the band.

Deskarats accompanied the Toasters once more on the American band's annual tour of Spain upon completing their third album, Disseminat s/n (2008), again produced by Bucket. Deskarats signed with leading American ska label Megalith Records, providing them worldwide distribution. Their latest release, Festival (2011), takes another stride forward in sk-awesomeness, with two of the songs on the album reliving wild memories of Macau, a favourite stop on their last China tour (2010).