Exhibition "Discover the Gemstones, Ruby & Sapphire" - Registration for August & September

presented by L'ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

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Embark on a journey with two of the most coveted precious gemstones, ruby and sapphire, with L’ÉCOLE’s brand new exhibition, illustrating the marriage between nature’s gift and human creativity.

You’ll first travel inside the gemstones to discover the inner beauty that nature creates through the photomicrography of Billie Hughes, a gemologist and award-winning photographer. Her images are an encounter between art and science, capturing the “birthmarks” of gemstones - the “inclusions” - in microscopic depth, like terraced mountains and iridescent flowers.

Your journey then takes on to explore ruby and sapphire when they are first unearthed, before any human intervention, through the exquisite minerals in their natural geological forms. The various colors demonstrate what nature gives to corundum – the family that ruby and sapphire belong – a palette of rainbow colors.

Alongside the minerals are high jewelry creations showcasing the skill of lapidary – the art of stone-cutting. The various shapes of rubies and sapphires, be it faceted or with smooth surface like cabochon-shaped, bring out the vibrant colors of these two gems which have mesmerized people for thousands of years.

This interactive exhibition also allows visitors to try out the gemologist’s gestures. Through the microscope, get ready to plunge into the fascinating microworld of rubies and sapphires.

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Visit L'ÉCOLE’s new exhibition!

10 June - 30 September 2020

Monday to Sunday, 1pm to 7pm daily

Free admission, with free guided tour every hour (the last session is at 6 pm)


L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts

Room 510A, 5th floor, K11 MUSEA

18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong