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The Tokyo legend is coming! He’s led an electric hip-hop movement throughout Asia and the sound that we need in FLY this month
Event: FLY Presents DJ KRUSH
Date: 30th April Saturday
Time: 10 PM till late

Door Arrangement:

Advance - $250 with 2 Redbull drinks and 2 shots
At The Door - $300 with 2 Redbull drinks and 2 shots


Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing his sound who's been greatly received in the international club scene.
It was the movie "WILD STYLE" that got him into hip hop in the early 80's, and in 1987, he formed KRUSH POSSSE which made numerous appearances in various media as the best hip hop act in Japan.

An internationally acclaimed producer, remixer and a DJ, producing music in vast variety of fields such as films, TV dramas and commercials. He has done countless collaborations with artists transcending jenres, such as Grammy winning artist, from Black Thought (The Roots) provided a track for his solo album, to Herbie Hancock and k.d. lang _provided remixes. In 2009, he scored an animation film entitled “FIRST SQUAD,” which was shown in theaters throughout Russia, and won the Kommersant Award in Moscow Film Festival.

As of now, he has performed in front of over 4 million audiences in 282 cities of 46 countries (in Feb 2011). And he still continues to renew this record, transcending all barriers, and leaving some distinctive footsteps of his own, achieving ever-increasing acclamation as an international artist.


For table bookings and enquiries:
G/F, 24-30 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong | 2810 9902 | Instagram: FlyHK