Duddell's Presents: The Oriental Society for the Advancement of Obsolete Sciences Annual Masked Ball

A celebration of the arcane, esoteric and cryptic.

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The Oriental Society for the Advancement of Obsolete Sciences invites you to join for a night of experiments and speculation.


As customary for the Society, every year our members concur to test out the latest hypothesis on elegant entertainment, dancing mechanics and the physics of desire for All Hallow’s eve.


Expect an amalgam of danceable beats as Maft Sai, the man behind the legendary Paradise Bangkok club takes to the decks with his psychoactive emulsion of Thai Funk, Luk Thung and Molam music. Brought to you in collaboration with local sound laboratories Bellows, Maft Sai is known to hypnotize his public to move in unison. Duddell’s in-house scientists will prepare reactive infusions suited to our members’ boundless imaginations.


At this masked ball shrouded in secrecy, The Society invite you to dress the part in shades of silver, black and white and come get lost in our mad lab while the rest of the city is distracted with Halloween!


Visit our inspiration blog at: http://obsoletesciences.tumblr.com/