Understanding Dyscalculia

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Dyscalculia is a learning issue that makes it hard to make sense of numbers and maths concepts. It is less well-known than dyslexia, but according to current research it may be almost as common. Emily Dygve and Sarah O'Connor will present a workshop on Dyscalculia. This will give participants a chance to learn more about what Dyscalculia is and how we can support our children who face this challenge. There will be some interactive sections, so please come prepared to join in. The workshop will promote an empathetic understanding of learners with Dyscalculia and provide a variety of resources for parents and teachers.      


Sarah O'Connor  is the Head of Learning Enhancement Team at Renaissance College HK. Sarah has been teaching Special Needs Students in Hong Kong since 2001. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked with Special Needs children and adults in a variety of settings, including MENCAP UK, Riding for the Disabled and adventure playgrounds throughout the UK.            


Emily Dygve is a Learning Enhancement Teacher for RCHK. Before moving to Hong Kong, she was a math and science Special Education teacher and Assistive Technology specialist in Virginia and an SEN teacher in Dubai.