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多元音樂 搶你的耳 / 獨立廠牌 響我的朵

【搶耳音樂節 / Ear Up Music Festival】

搶耳音樂單位最後6強- Adrian Lo, Empty, SoundTube, The Sulis Club, 周華欣, 楊智遠@JL Music, 將與從合約歌手回歸獨立發展的盧凱彤及Rubberband,聯合出演搶耳音樂節,貫徹獨立廠牌精神,合力拓闊樂壇光譜。


The Ear Up Music Festival is the culmination of the Ear Up record label creation and incubation program which started in June. A total of 6 up-and-coming music acts from the program will be joined by music veterans Ellen Loo and Rubberband for a one night only music festival. Both guests have recently left major labels to form their own companies, so they carry with them a spirit that acts as a point of aspiration for the 6 Ear Up performers.

Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required (limited space)

表演單位 Line Up

- The Sulis Club

- Empty

- Adrian Lo

- Soundtube

- 楊智遠 Siu Yuen@JL Music

- 周華欣 Linda Chow

特別嘉賓 Special Guests

- 盧凱彤 Ellen Loo

- Rubberband

查詢 / Enquires: 2811 8766

電郵 / E-mail: earup@rfhk.org.hk

*General Admission (GA)票種,不設劃位,座位先到先得。主辦單位保留更改企位及座位之權利。




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