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In celebration of Quinary’s 5th Anniversary, Quinary will be transformed into The Embassy, inside and out, with the exterior taking on the brick complexion of the Nassau Brewing Company and the interior capturing the underground brick vaults, once used for aging beer, that will house the New York bar. The Embassy is two bars in one, with a smaller more luxurious invite only space known as The Residence where guests are treated to rare and fascinating experiences of classic drinks and oddities from around the globe.

The Residence will offer a luxurious six drink 75-minute degustation of libations hosted by Mr Angus Winchester. Guests will be treated to a selection of food that also highlights the rituals and traditions of different drinks cultures. Rare, first edition cocktail books, vintage shakers and ephemera will transport guests to the far reaches of the globe and the last golden age of cocktails. Accommodating only eight guests at a time and four sittings a night the Residence seats can be booked for the price of $500 per person.