Emo Night IIII Halloween Special

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Friends, fiends, creatures of the night, it’s been some time. We’ve missed you like a razor to the wrist. 
From the depth of the darkness, Emo Night arises again to bring you a very special, very scary, and of course, very emotional Halloween evening. 
On the 30th of October, we’ll celebrate OUR way. A dance with the devil amidst the blazing heat of hell that is LKF. All your favorite head bangers and delightful rock ballads served on tray of the tears of our sorrows. 
You know the deal, free flow all night. Tickets while supplies last.
Event: Emo Night IIII Halloween Special
Date: 30th October, Saturday
Time: 10:00pm-2:00am
Early Bird $200
Regular $250
At The Door $300
all with 3-hour free flow standard drinks (10:00pm-1:00am)