Underground Heavy #8

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And shall it be that only through experiencing the inner demons Will they be released.....

And what better way to achieve this than by immersing yourself in a night of the heaviest, most ass-kicking music around?

That's the sort of night we've planned for you at Underground Heavy #8. It's been well over a year since our last heavy show and we have another gaggle of bands on the night of 26th of January.

Kicking off with the thrashy tunes of Fear Index, after which ambient metallers Black Night Red Sky will take the stage - find out what IS ambient metal.

We then welcome HK veterans Blackwine, who have been playing progressive metal for over 14 years. Then, to close the night we have the newly formed BLACKBIRD who promise us feral screams inside stoner rock. A smorgasbord of loud, great music.

So bring your daughter to the slaughter. Or not. Be there!

Fear Index (thrash)
Black Night Red Sky (ambient metal)
Blackwine (progressive metal)
BLACKBIRD (Stoner Rock)