Second Hand Rose “ One Heart Two Places "

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Second Hand Rose is a Chinese rock band from Beijing, China. The band is known for its bold combination of traditional Chinese instruments with solid rock & roll fundamentals. The influence of traditional Chinese folk music can be clearly felt in the singing of lead singer Liang Long and the usage of traditional Chinese instruments in both their recordings and live performances. Their debut album, the self-titled Second Hand Rose Band, was released in 2004 to critical acclaim in China's bigger cities. The album also received rave reviews on specialist music websites in the U.S.

The lead singer Liang long has all the characteristics of a northeast Chinese man. He is tall, broad and straightforward. The only difference is that he has the habit of dressing up like a woman on stage. Nowadays he seemed to have dropped this way of dressing, and often wears more conventional clothes during performances. The fact that he shaved off his long hair also takes away most of his former drag-act. Nonetheless, his long hails from the Heilongjiang province in northeast China, his stage antics and flamboyant look have earned the band controversy in their native China.

Now is the most vigorous period for Liang long with other member of Second Hand Rose, as they just release their new album “Stealing The Show” in this year, after 8 years from the last album released.

With great variation yet stays still with their essence of Chinese rock, Second Hand Rose is so unique that it is hard to compare with another band.

On 19th October, Come and enjoy the vigorous Second Hand Rose blooming with their enchant Chinese alternative rock music here in Hidden Agenda.

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