Sailing To Valinor

SYNC SING SIN presents cross country series 001

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Not your usual Halloween event.

SYNC SING SIN is proud to present "Sailing to Valinor," a night of eclectic grooves featuring the edgy ACID RABBIT (庫巧兔), bringing in her fresh baked set straight from the taiwan underground , your mistress's favorite DJ crew LIVING DISCOHEADS, YUEN CHI-CHUNG (袁智聰), the real deal music critic who surely knows his ways around the decks (this is your chance if you missed him from Clockenfrap last year), plus your sister's favourite, chick magnet Alok and Shelf-Index from the SYNC SING SIN family. Calling out the Ghost in the machine, we won't be responsible if the gear starts playing by themselves, don't say we didn't warn you.


Previously the Chief Editor of the magazine "LEZ", coming from the school of punk and rock, then sliding into the realm of electronics,you can be so sure that this girl is up to something. Started out with Electro in 2010, now on a blend of Tech House. Techno/ Grime/ Indie Rock/Nu-Disco. Without any specific background, Rabbit's been invited to play at various parties and festivals, plus sharing the stage with big names such as CARSICK CARS and Yasumasa Yonehara (米原康正).

Apart from her solo career, Rabbit also formed a DJ duo Acid BMO with Su Su, the guitarist from Sugar Plum Ferry(甜梅號)

深受搖滾啟蒙以及龐克樂的洗 禮,後接觸涉獵各類實驗 / 電 子音樂,放歌的準則為分享近 期最常聆聽的溫暖跳舞音樂。

2010年開始以Electeo舞曲形態 演出,現為Tech House、 Techno、Grime、Indie Rock、 New Disco DJ,沒有駐場隸屬 於任何店家,主要放歌場合多 為主題派對、商業演出以及音 樂祭。由於經常執筆關於時裝以及文藝、音樂資訊,故吸引不少時裝及搖滾樂迷前來參加演出。

另外Acid Rabbit也和來自甜梅 號樂團的吉他手Su Su組有雙人 DJ組合Acid BMO.


Living Discoheads is a Hong Kong based DJ Crew formed in 2012. The crew is formed by three members, Tedman, vocalist of local indie band along with DJ Tinlok and DJ MNI, two experienced DJs with electro / nu-disco influence. Having been inspired by a wide variety of music genres in the past, the crew is bringing a breath of fresh air into the local party scene with its distinctive style and unique music choices. The music contains mash-ups of funky disco basslines and catchy hooks from the old days coupled with new elements of Electro, Trap, Moombahton, Hip Hop, etc.

Since the formation of Living Discoheads, the group has worked on bringing the freshest mixtapes and most stylistic parties to the scene. With the event , the group successfully brought what many labelled as the most stylistic, fashionable, and fun party night in Hong Kong in recent years.

Yuen Chi Chung (袁智聰)
The most renowned music critic in Hong Kong, publisher/chief editor of "Music Colony Bi-Weekly" from 1994-2004, apart from running his own website and writing for different magazines within HK, TW and CH these days, Yuen has also been curating music festivals and giving lectures on music culture. He's also a vegetarian and a hiker.


Since he first emerged in 1994 with his first band, Pillow, Alok has proved to be a unique and driving force in shaping the alternative sounds of this city. The songwriter and guitarist first rose to prominence in 1997 after disbanding (noisenik and shoegazing) Pillow and formed Slow Tech Riddim . Here they formed electronic music with live guitar and bass. They produced two innovative albums in 2000 – 2001. In 2002, Alok set up his own record label Lona Records, and started working as a solo artist and a producer. He released more than 10 albums and singles throughout 2002 to 2011. And has played and participated in more than 150 shows and experimental events / projects in Hong Kong, Portugal, Macau and China. In addition, He also gets involved in animation, short film and independent film music and sound design .In 2008 he formed the new electronic band A Roller Control and currently being a member of the DJ crew “Are Friends Electric?”

After winning the bronze (open category, 2001) and distinguish award (youth category, 1997) of the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards, domting graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2001. Since then he’s been working in different positions within the media industry eg film promotion, radio station, and TVC /making-of featurette production. Occasionally he makes videos for Re-Records/Lona Records related artists, plus music videos (notably Anthony Wong黃耀明/Tat Ming Pair達明一派/Rubberband/ Tsoi Sai-Ho to name a few)and creates sonic manipulation material under the alias Shelf-Index. Besides participating in events such as Sound in the Park and Rebuilding Haiti. He is also a member of the DJ crew “Are Friends Electric?” . Whilst pushing the boundaries by throwing parties in the likes of clubs and art galleries, plus supporting the likes of Filastine, Dexplicit, Deville J-Hoon and Zeratone, Shelf-Index is aimed at promoting the most stylish alternative electronic sounding grooves to town.